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The ConsultUS Team

The ConsultUS Team's mission is to work with our client's business unit to define an integrated software solution to your business problems.  Together, we work to understand your day-to-day business challenges as well as your long-term business vision.  Our resulting software solutions and services can increate the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

With backgrounds in the Information Technology, Finance and federal contracting industries , our team has extensive knowledge of 401(k) plans, fiduciary accounting, cost accounting and workflow processes.  Our business experience is extensive in recordkeeping processes.

Our team members technical services strengths are in web development, database engineering, and server management.  We have experience in all platforms, from cloud computing to mainframe integration technologies.  We have experience in complete custom software solutions, as well as integration with legacy application systems and commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

We believe software solutions are not "one size fits all".  We pride ourselves in working with our clients as a team to fully understand the business challenges you face, and together develop an integrated software solution that helps you meet your business goals.


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