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Sprout Solutions Launch Completed!

ConsultUS Technology has completed the development and launch of Sprout Solutions. Sprout Solutions is a venture providing software services to support Milling and Commodity Merchandising operations. Sprout Solutions hosts and manages the CommodiTrade and Milling Station services.

CommodiTrade is used by merchandisers to help manage supplier and customer commodity positions with features to ensure proper hedging, logistics, transferring and fulfillment of contracts. The service provides the back office functions for invoicing, purchasing, forecasting and analytics.

Milling Station is used by milling operations to manage ingredient costs, production, order processing and freight logistics. The service includes record keeping features to improve food and feed safety by tracking the data necessary to support compliance for the Safe Feed/Safe Food certification and the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD).

Milling Station and CommodiTrade can be integrated seamlessly into a single service for those Milling Enterprises that include commodity merchandisers with the capability to support multiple milling sites.

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